Do I regret leaving London escorts for a man who is 40 years older than me

The girls I used to work with at London escorts thought that I was mad when I left the escort for Steven. He was 40 years older than me and my friends at London escorts did not expect the relationship to last for more than a couple of months. To their complete surprise, we have been together for two years now. The main thing about me and Steven is that we enjoy each other’s company. We are both really sporty and love nothing better than keeping active. When I worked for London escorts, I did spend rather long hours indoors.


That does not happen anymore, and since I left London escorts, you can say that I am really indulging my passion for the outdoors. I love it, and Steven and I always out doing different things. There are some things in life which are more important than others, and I do agree with Steven about what is important or not. For instance, we are not really into cooking. Instead we will go out to a restaurant or buy a readymade meal from Marks and Spencer. When I worked for London escorts, I tried to be super organized all of the time. Let me put it this way, since Steven talked me into leaving London escorts, my life is less organized had always wanted to travel, but it was time to get time off the top outcall escorts website. In the past two years, I have been on lots of holidays. We really like to spoil ourselves when we go on holiday, and we go on all of the best ones. Recently we have got into cruising in a big way and we now cruise with some of the best companies in the world. Next year, we are planning to go on a cruise to Japan. Okay, Steven is a lot older and we may not get all of the time together that we could dream of when you come to think about it. However, that is why I left London escorts.


I really felt that I wanted to spend some time with this nice and caring man. I know that I am lucky to have found Steven. The girls back at London escorts think that I am only with him because of his money, but that is not it. I am with him because I feel that we have an amazing connection and I hope that we are going to be together for a long time to come. Yes, we have got married. We had a fantastic wedding in London and I know that we both loved every moment of it. One thing that we are really good at is celebrating our love. That is something we do every day, and we always start our day with a glass of champagne. After that we decide what we would like to do that day. It may not be anything special, but we are always together.

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