Know your fetishes

I am not sure that talking about our fetishes with our partners is the right thing to do. A couple of the girls here at London escorts do tell their partners that they have certain g-spots that they like to have stimulated. It seems to work for them, but I think that it may not be such a good idea. My experience has been somewhat different from my colleagues at the London escorts service that I work for here in Hammersmith.

Could it be better that we let our partners find out fetishes by accident? I have a fetish about having my feet played with. When a guy sucks my big toes, I can just come straight away. Believe me, he does not need to do another thing. I know that foot fetishes are common, so most of the time my lovers do get around to finding what I call my special fetish body parts. Would I get the same kick out of sex, if I told them? I am not so sure that I would.

If your fetish is not a body part, I think that you should perhaps tell your lover. I date a couple of guys at London escorts who have got various fetishes. One guy is really into food play, and the other guy really loves to have his belly button played with. They both openly talk about their body part fetishes and believe their partners get turned on by them. You see if that was me, it would not turn me on at all. I would rather try to find that special spot when it came to sex.

Do we always let our fetishes out to play? I am not sure that we do. Another guy that I date at London escorts is really hooked on BDSM but he does not practice it all of the time. He says that BDSM is not the most important part of his life, and he likes to do other things as well. I think that is kind of a health approach to a fetish. If we brought our fetishes out all of the time, I think that we would just become bored with them. Actually, it is part of the reason I don’t talk about my foot fetish.

Does my foot fetish cause me a problem? There have been a couple of times when I have had a problem when I have had a pedicure. It does not help that I am bisexual and found a lot of the girls who work in a spa very attractive. As a matter of fact, one of the girls who nearly gave me orgasm when she massaged my feet, later became my lover. We had a great time together, and when she went to work on a cruise line, I was totally devastated and did not want her to go. I do talk about my foot fetish to my gents at London escorts, but I am always happy to talk about to my lovers. It is so much nicer when they just find it.

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