The Magic of Better Sex

I used to believe that some people were naturally good in bed. This was in the days before I joined the best escorts in London. After a little while of having worked for a North London escorts service, I realised that sex was a learning experience. Great sex is a bit like good food. You learn how to put a recipe together, and having great sex is just the same. Let’s say that you need certain ingredients to make your love and sex life special. When you have found that one magic ingredient, you can really have a good time in bed.

What is the magic ingredient? The magic ingredient is not like adding salt and pepper to your food. That was something I soon learned during my first couple of months with London escorts. Sex is all about taste, and working for London escorts, you soon learn that we all have different tastes when it comes to good sex. The right kind of sex is certainly a spice of life.When you meet someone new, it is all about finding out what spices up his or hers life. Most people assume it is the run of the mill spices such as basil and rosemary which may spice up your life. But, like so many other London escorts, I know that when you throw in a little bit of chili into the mixture, you may come up with something totally different.

All of a sudden you may have gone from a mild chili to a steaming hot bowl of extra hot chili. Finding that little bit of extra heat in your relationship, can make a huge difference.What is dating London escorts all about? Well, when you date London escorts, you certainly get a chance to explore your many different tastes. BDSM may not be your favorite spice. Instead you may just prefer to mix two special spices together and enjoy a London escorts duo date. That is certainly one very exciting way in which you can spice up your life and make it more exciting. Mind you, I have learned how to mix and play with spices since I came to London escorts, and I am pretty sure that I can find you the perfect mixture to match your personal taste.

It also a matter of finding the right dining partner. I love being someone’s dining partner and finding the right spices for our relationship. It does not happen overnight. Lots of gentlemen who date London escorts think that their first date with one of the girls is going to be mind blowing. That does not normally happen. Most London escorts like to take some time to explore the special cravings of that person, and find out if he likes a starter, main or just would like to have dessert served right away. Getting all the courses in the right order, is what good dating is all about, and pinning down that personal taste, is important when you want to enjoy a delicious take away.

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