Sexy Fat Ladies Man

It does not matter what you say, there are a lot of men out there who enjoy the company of voluptuous women. When I first met Andrew at a swingers party, I did not notice that he went for ladies who were a little bit more well rounded. In one way, it was one of the things that attracted me to him. I did enjoy keeping myself fit and slim for London escorts, but I also admired the true female form. Some gents I meet at the best London escort do like larger women, and I guess we should be grateful we are not all a size 8.

Anyway, for some reason, Andrew and I became an item. He was a professional chef, so I could easily make the hours I worked at London escorts fit around his shift. When I came home from London escorts, a meal was always just about ready. It did not seem what time I finished, Andrew always wanted me to have something to eat. I did not mind, but not all of the food which Andrew served up, was very slimline. It did not worry me, I spent extra time in the gym the next day.

One weekend when I had some time off from London escorts, we sneaked away for a weekend break. It gave me a chance to wear my bikini in the spa of the hotel. While I was getting out of the swimming pool, I felt Andrew watching me in a particular sort of way. He looked at me like he was really checking my body, a little bit like some of the London escorts gentlemen had the habit of doing. I smiled at him, and he told me I was not putting on weight.

It surprised me a bit, and I asked him why I should be putting on weight. He told me that he thought that I was a lot skinnier than the other girls he had met from London escorts or swinging parties, and I could do with some extra weight. I also most turned around there and then, and asked him if he was a feeder. You do get some guys who get a sexual kick out of feeding women until they are really massive, and all my instincts was telling me Andrew could be one of those.

I am not sure where the instinct of feeding a women comes from, but I do know that it is there. It was weird, but after that weekend, I saw less of Andrew, it was a little bit like I had seen through him. To be honest, it may have been a good thing. I knew precious little about Andrew’s previous girlfriends. All I knew was that he enjoyed swinging, and also liked to date London escorts. I kind of knew Andrew would be better of dating plus size London escorts. He was a great guy, but I really did not want to be involved with a guy who had some secret feeding fetish.

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