Posting Sex Tapes Online

Couples will do almost everything to make their sex better. The latest trend most couples are adopting to is filming their sexual encounters and posting it on a website. Exhibitionism is thriving as technology encourages more and more of it.

The interesting thing about these videos is that the folks having sex seem to enjoy it, on average, a lot more than the actors in most porn videos. This tells you something. They were having fun while at it. This means that couples decide to record themselves because they want to spice up things.

Some couples like to be watched – others like breaking taboos – some like the attention and comments they get on free sites– others want to see their partners being desirable to others. Some people might even have political motivations by giving two fingers to the world that think porn or sex are shameful or immoral. The reasons could be listed all day and still not be exhausted.

Because several “celebrities” did it years ago and we like emulating anything that looks cool, this gives you instant status and social approval. If you pose this question to the public, you will get different reactions. This tells you that it all depends on what you agree on as a couple.

Disadvantages of posting your sex video

Since everything is now cloud based, anyone who has access to a computer or a phone can look at your video. This includes those people you didn’t want to see it. Now the hardest thing is taking back the video once you realize your mistake. Once it’s online it’s hard to stop it from circulating.

Recording yourself or taking pictures while having sex can be your worst mistake when you break up. You can imagine what your partner would do just to make your life difficult with the video or photos in hand. This is also the main thing people can use against you or even blackmail you.

If you have a reputation to keep, you should avoid this. You can imagine your video on your boss’s desk. Some get fired from their places of work because of their domestic affairs. Some companies value their reputations so much.

Although posting your nude video or pictures to the internet may be the latest thing, you should also consider the consequences of doing so. If you can handle the pressure from the public then you can post any video.

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