Simple Guidance to hiring escorts.

Like all other girls who join cheap escorts agencies, I had this dream about being booked rich men. I think that most London escorts think that they are going to date rich men, politicians and celebs. Looking from the outside in, dating rich men sounds like a really glamorous thing to do. It is actually one of the reasons many girls join London escorts agencies. Especially girls from places like Poland and Hungary like to join cheap escorts in the hope that they are going to meet rich men.

During my time with London escorts, I have met a lot of very rich men. And, I have to say that I have met a lot of average guys as well. If you were to ask me if I prefer rich men or the average guy, I would have to say the I prefer dating men who are not super-rich. Men who are super-rich often expect a lot from their London escorts. It is almost like you are at their beck and call all of the time.

I am not sure all of my London escorts colleagues would agree with me when I say that I prefer dating what we at our London escorts agency call normal guys. Most of the girls are prepared to put up with almost anything from rich dates, but I am not that way inclined. I make sure that I stand up for myself, and if there is something I don’t want to do, I simply say no. For a girl new to London escorts, it is all too easy to fall for all of the patter you get from rich men.

Do rich men tip London escorts better? No, I would not say that is true. I have had some really good tips from rich guys, but most of the best tips that I have received, have come from ordinary guys. For them, dating a girl from a London escorts service is something special and they like to make a big deal out of it. Many of them like to pretend that they are rich men and often give girls huge tips.

Yes, I used to dream about dating the super-rich all of the time. Since I have learned to focus on dating just normal guys, I have found that I do a lot better. Unlike many of my friends and colleagues who only focus on the rich, I am much busier and get more dates on a consistent basis. Perhaps the secret to a successful Lon don escorts career is not dating rich men. Maybe it is about loving the one you are with at the time and making the most out of that date.

Do rich men expect more or are they more interesting on bookings, London escorts think that it is the inner person that counts and it doesn’t matter about the money that makes the man. Rich people can be good and horrible people and also it also matters about the chemistry between two people. A man and a sexy London escort.

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