Dating with an escort in an online dating scene

In today’s generations, there are many ways to connect people far away from you. Unlike before, we only connect to our family, friends, and relatives through letters. And until cellphones is discovered and it helps us to contact people whom we know. Unlike today, we can get to know strangers and for some find their true love at an online dating site. Through years people have continued to improve the world by inventing new technologies that can quickly help humans. In 1990 computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web that allows us to contact people around the world through internet. Many apps are all around us to use to connect people such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. And if you are looking for a potential lover, there are also dating sites that will solve your problems.

My name is Kent, twenty-nine years of age and currently taken by a London escort. I met Janine from an online dating site and became close. She is a London escort, and I am an accountant here in New Jersey. I never thought I could find the love of my life with online dating since I am not fond of it. I heard many stories about online dating, and it’s freaking me out when people get scams or fooled. I was at work at that time and bored. I thought to sign up with an online dating app for fun. But it’s not on my intentions to have special someone to me. After signing up, I had a request from Janine, and when viewing her profile, she is perfectly pretty. I confirmed the requests and exchange messages started. Day by day of chatting we are getting to know each other. We spare time to talk even in our busiest days. I appreciate her kindness to me and generosity to other people since she is an active volunteer for needy children.

Every holidays and birthday, we exchanged presents through an online shipment. We had time to video call each other, I just like the sound of her voice and her simplicity as a person. She is gorgeous even without make-up. One night we haven’t, but she already told me about her schedule on that, it feels like something is lacking when I cannot talk to her. I know I am in love with her already and I need to express this right away. On the next day, I have told her about my feeling, and I was happy that she feels the same too. We became a couple officially, and since we are the long distance, I make sure that we communicate every day and updating each other. I never lied to her and opened to all my social media accounts. I always told her how much I love her every day and until now on our sixth anniversary, I still assure my love to her.

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