Adult Stars in Mayfair Escorts Agency


Recently I have noticed that a lot of Mayfair escorts agencies from have started to advertise that they have former adult stars available as escorts. I am not so sure that would appeal to me, says Alan. Up until now I have used escorts in the Mayfair area of London on a regular basis but I am not so sure that I will continue. At least, I think that I will be more discerning for the time being. Perhaps other gents feel the same way as well. The truth is that I am not so sure that the agencies are doing themselves any favors when they advertise they have adult stars, says Alan.

Now, I am a business man, adds Alan, and for me to take an escort who has been a adult star to a business dinner, could be a disaster. What if one of the other guests recognize her from having been in a adult movie? To me that just wouldn’t work, so I think that I will call the agencies to make sure the girls that I am booking dates with have not been adult stars. I could not imagine anything more embarrassing than turning up to a nice restaurant with a couple of Mayfair escorts who have been adult stars.

Why do Mayfair escorts agencies feel that they need to employ former adult stars? I think that they are missing the point. Yes, you would like to have a sexy dinner companion but on the other hand, you would also like to date a discreet lady for your needs. I know that many gents make arrangement with girls in Mayfair just to take them out on dinner dates. Sitting in the Savoy grill with a former adult star would not be my dream of a great night out. But then again, perhaps it would suit other gents. I have always enjoyed dating Mayfair escorts up until now, but this idea of being able to date adult stars, has surprised me a little bit. I love sexy ladies but adult turns me off. When I was young I watched a couple of adult movies but they did not really do anything for me.

I am that sort of chap who enjoys the sensual side of a woman, so adult stars are not for me. I don’t think there is anything sensual to adult at all. If you are in the market for adult stars, you really need to go to Las Vegas. The fact is that the adult movie industry in London is going through a major slow down. Many of the girls who used to work in the London adult industry are looking for new jobs. Some of them, as they are stunning, are ending up working for various escorts services in London such as Mayfair escorts. But, do the local gents want to date adult stars? The jury is still out on that point, and it will be interesting to see what happens in the future. Perhaps adult stars in Mayfair will never become popular again.

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