Where is your favorite holiday destination?


We like to look into all sorts of things here on the Escort Guide, and as it is summer I thought we should check out the holiday action for this summer. I doubt very many of us will be traveling to Greece as it sounds like the country is in a real mess. So, where are we going to be taking our holidays instead this summer? We have a summer house in Norfolk so are little family is going to decamp to Norfolk. Just over the hill from our summer house is the sea, so a visit here is always popular. But where are Epping escorts going to travel to?

Lena works for a Epping escorts agency in London and she loves to go to Mallorca in the summer. She says Mallorca has been one of her favorite holiday destinations ever since she was a child. Lena thinks that Mallorca is much more tranquil than the mainland of Spain and she enjoys the less hurried lifestyle which the island offers. She also like the food and even the rough local wine goes down well with paella says Lena with a bit of a dreamy look in her eyes. Perhaps she is already there in her mind.

Tattiana works for Epping escorts in London and says that her favorite holiday destination has always been Marbella and the Mijas costa on the southern coast of Spain. In her eyes it is a million miles away from bustling Epping and she just spends endless days on the beach. I am not one for all of the glamor of places of Marbella. Instead I would much rather go around small local bars and have a beer or two with my friends. In the summer this is the perfect place to come if you enjoy a bit of history as well as sea.

Nina works in Epping and says that she likes to travel to the Caribbean at least once a year. It is just for the superb beaches she says. Once you have enjoyed a beach holiday in this part of the world, you just want to come back time and time again. The sea is always nice and warm, and I can just sit on the beach for hours. I also like the night life in the Caribbean. The locals really know how to party and everything is centered around the beach. Just my kind of holiday says Nina from Epping escorts services.

We all have our own favorite holiday destinations. Just like so many Epping escorts I appreciate a bit of sunshine but I have gotten used to my husband’s second home in Norfolk. Yes, it is kind of quite but it is very peaceful. There is no rush to do anything and you can just hang out to read a book. We try to go as often as we can and sometimes we only stay for the weekend. Most people are not as fortunate as us and I realize how lucky we are to have our topsy turvy wind mill.


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