Kent escorts on looking after gents

When I first joined Kent escorts, I thought that I would not be that busy. Many gents seem to think that escorts in Kent may not be as great as elite escorts in London, so they date before they leave London. But, all of that has changed and it is a bit like gents have discovered escorts in Kent. The truth is that we can look after gents just as well as any elite escorts in London, and you can have just as many adventures with your Kent escort as you can with your London escort.

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After a little while, I realized that I could be really busy in Kent. Having worked in London for a few years, I knew that is was all about the way you looked after your gents. When I started to date in Kent, I thought that the other girls were as bit on the amateur side, and I knew that if I brought my London style to Ken escorts, I would become a very popular escort. At the end of the day, it is all about the little things that you do as an escort.


The first thing I do when a gent comes in through my door is to take his jacket. I invite him in, and I offer him a drink. Lots of the gents that I have met at Kent escorts are used to this kind of standard of service from escorts in places around London. Like I say to the girls at the escort agency, it is all about making your gent comfortable and make sure that he is happy. Once you have achieved that, you are onto something bigger and better.


After that I have a nice chat to all of the gents that I meet at Kent escorts. I ask them what they would like to get out of their dates, and they are happy to talk to me. Most of the girls here at the agency think that a date is all about what they want to do, but that is not true at all. It is all about what the gents would like to experience on the date, and I make sure that they get exactly what they want. In that way, I know that they will come back to me.


Building a dating diary is something rather new to the girls here at Kent escorts, but they are beginning to appreciate how important it is to build up your diary. I look at escorting as having my own business and I think that helps a lot. Not all of the girls do that here, but I think that we should all be doing that. If we all worked together, and really looked after our gents here at the Kent escort service that we work for, I think that we would be a lot busier. That would be good for the agency and all of the girls who work for the agency as well. Nowadays dating is more and more exciting.

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