Blow me down with a feather

I love feathers, says Trish from Archway escorts. I have a very exciting collection of feathers that I have picked up as I have traveled the world. Now, I want to make it clear that I never by feathers from an endangered bird species. Most of the feathers, or plumes, that I have, I have found on the ground and picked. However, I will say that many of my larger Peacock feathers have been bought. They are my favorite feathers as they just look so amazing. But, I also like Ostrich feathers as well, and there are some fine delicate ones I like as well.

a sexy companion from archway escorts

A couple of my dates here at Archway escorts are really fascinated by my feathers. As a matter of fact, I offer a specialist massage that I call my feather massage. It involves me stroking the back of the date with one of my many feathers very slowly. It is a very stimulating experience, and also relaxing. You can’t use a lot of oils as this would damage the feathers, but I do like to make it an all over body massage. Stimulating the back of the legs with feathers can also be a very relaxing experience for the gents, and over the years i have perfected my technique on the front as well.

I am not aware of any other Archway escorts who offer my unique feather massage. All of the girls here at the agency have their own techniques they special in. If, you take a look at our web site, you will be able to read a lot more about the many exciting and stimulating experiences we can offer you here in Archway. Our services work on a both an incall and outcall basis, but I would like to stress that my feather massage, is only available as an incall. After all, I do need to have excess to all of my feathers.

Archway escorts have been around for a while now, and we are always extending our services. I only joined the agency about 18 months ago, and so far I have met some very discerning gents. Most of the gents that I date at the moment are local Archway lads, so that gives me an opportunity to see them often. It is so nice to be able to get to know your dates a bit more closely, it is a better experience.

My dates often ask me what I like about Archway escorts. Well, before I worked here, I used to work in central London. It was just so much hassle and you never seemed to get any piece of mind. Well, you don’t have to worry about that in Archway. This is such as nice place to live in, and I can’t get enough of being here. I enjoy the local restaurants, and if I feel that I need to go for a major shop, it is easy to pop into central London. All in all, I think that Archway is a great place to live and work.

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